PAMrep is a manufacturers' representative firm dedicated to providing sales, support, and creating sell-through for Anthem AV, MartinLogan, MIT Cables, Paradigm, Peachtree Audio, Stealth Acoustics and SurgeX. PAMrep is honored to work with the best dealers in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan [MartinLogan, MIT Cables, Peachtree Audio and SurgeX in IL/WI/MI/IN - Anthem, Paradigm, and Stealth Acoustics in IL/WI] providing product support and sales training for their teams.

Anthem provides stunning audio amplification and processing in their assortment of receivers, integrated amplifiers, preamp/processors, and multiple options of amplifiers from mono to multi-channel. They are the inventors and implementers of ARC - Anthem Room Correction - recognized as the best electronic system for room correction.

MartinLogan continues to amaze listeners with their award-winning Electrostatic and Electromotion loudspeakers including floor standing, book shelf, on-wall, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers as well as highly regarded Dynamo and BalancedForce subwoofers.

MIT Cables More than just cables - It's the difference between an audio cable and an audio interface.

Paradigm offers a wide array of best of class loudspeakers including free standing, bookshelf, desktop, on-wall, in-ceiling, in-wall, and subwoofers. They also manufacture the state of the art "Premium Wireless" audio products.

Peachtree Audio merges old-school audiophile thinking, where sound quality always comes first, with a decidedly new-school digital/computer audio savvy mindset. The result has been a series of award-winning amplifiers, DACs and speakers enjoyed by music lovers all over the world.

Stealth Acoustics is known for it jaw-dropping solutions in providing pleasing design aesthetics for the technology required for state of the art sound and video. From completely invisible speakers to hidden video solutions - no one performs like Stealth Acoustics!

SurgeX Complete solutions for your client's high voltage power conditioning, automation, and effective surge elimination.

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